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Multicolor Coffees

Our Tastings

Next Monthly Artisanal Sips Event
Date TBA
Doors open 10am
at the Cameron Church
on South Pearl Street at Iowa Street

Tea and Coffee Tastings are a unique gathering that offers monthly tastings in
Denver. These special sampling events help to bring us together as a community with our local area vendors. These specialty shops join us to share their passion and commitment to creating delicious teas and coffees.


The tastings create a fun, educational and social experience, which offers each participant opportunities to sample unique blends of teas and coffees in an intimate setting.

Participants are given the chance to discover new products, trends, and unique
blends. They also have an opportunity to purchase the teas and coffees to bring the tasty experience home with them.

Our vendors are selected because of their original unique blends that you cannot find elsewhere. Tea and Coffee Tastings celebrates the wonderful community of local cafes, roasters, and tea makers.

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